The Complete Meal Prep Guide

A 4-part guide to lead you through the steps on creating a custom meal plan, how to actually cook it and how to design a custom diet. What can you expect to learn? Find out below!

Creating a meal plan with the meals you like is easy. Part 1 guides you through a couple of basic steps to create a meal plan from healtyh and nutritious foods and a shopping list. No more guessing at the grocery store!

Learn how to store food, organize your kitchen and your self. What tools do I recommend?
Plus: Additional pro-tips from a real head chef with almost 40 years of experience – Thanks Dad!

Time to cook! But first, a question: What can you do to reduce the work? Are there clever ways to combine recipes? With merged recipes you can shrink the cooking time. Let me show you how to, using the meal plan from Part 1.

Ever wondered how coaches and nutritionist create individual meal plans with layed out quantities for each food and recipe? Get a “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to design your personalized diet. All steps explained with a real-world example.

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