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“I really want to do this meal prep thing! But I have no clue where to begin?”
“I feel overwhelmed and frustrated!”
“There is just so much information! How do I even get started?”

Almost everything new we begin is tough.

The first written words look like crumbly swirls.

Riding a bike with all that balancing takes time.

Sometime you slip, stumble or even fall.

And then you see the experience guys and gals doing everything with ease and skill. It looks simple and fun.

But I can guarantee you, they most certainty – just as you do – started with the burning desire to learn.

Here are a few statements from people around the globe that you can probably relate to:

Sounds familiar?

Dieting and healthy eating should be simple so you can focus on and have the energy for the things that matter most in your life?

Start Here:

Hey friend! Ready to get going? Great!


I know that starting anything new is not always easy. Some things will come to with just a little bit of guidance and some will take much more effort and practice.
And that’s normal.
Cooking and finding my way around in the kitchen was simple – my dad is a super talented head-chef and I love cooking with him even today.
Making adjustments on my diets on the other hand was tough.
A lot of information and some of it wasn’t even bad. It just didn’t fit me.
So I know how it fees when you’re flooded with information, no idea what’s right and what’s not.
Luckily I found my way


"I am getting so frustrated and overwhelmed trying to count macros/calories/getting different advice and opinions from different people. So much conflicting info... "

I have been wanting to meal prep but feel like I don’t know where to start. I am wanting to do it for a few reasons. 1- I work full time and go to school + try to spend time with my almost 1 year old. 2- I want to lose weight but mainly start to feel good about myself. 3- I don’t have the energy to cook every night. I need a schedule! So how did you start? Did you do your entire week on a Sunday or do you split your week up?

"I lack the knowledge of how to get my journey going with food. I've lost 35 lbs and kept it off for a year and a half with exercise. Now I'm ready to focus on food. I have read stories on people being intimidated about going to the gym.... That's how I feel about the grocery store. I feel overwhelmed, intimidated, and lost."

" ... I've been wanting to get into meal prepping for quite sometime but always shied away from it because I've felt overwhelmed but I've really committed to trying to be healthier this year but with ... "

"But how do I know how much to buy for each week of what that's what starts getting me even more confused & where/how do I come up with ideas for the whole week?"


Below I have put together a collection of articles and other resources that will get you on the right track.

It’s the information I wish I had when my journey began over a decade ago.


Let’s see where you’re at so I can help you in the best way possible:


Which of the following statements describes you best?

> Rookie-Prepper

I have a rough idea about diets and meal prep, but I never was on a real diet.
All the information just overwhelms me. I am looking for guidance to get a general understanding
and start my diet the right way.

> Intermediate-Prepper:

I have been on a diet, but never with set macros. I did some meal-prep but I want a system / to build the habit to be consistent and variety in my meal plan. Repeating meals are okay, but ce to like

> Seasoned-Prepper:

 I can calculate my own macros and write meal plans. Prepping a variety of meals has become a habit.


If you’re completely new to dieting and meal prep check this article.

It will introduce you to the important stuff about nutrition, how diets work (and why they fail), what meal-prep is, some of its benefits and why it can become a life-changing habit.

The article will also give you the overview on the approach/system/way here at LPM. I have a systematic approach to setting up diets and how to make them effective that I’d like to teach you. The article will show you the outline.

Sounds cool so far? 😎

Step 1: Read article 

Step 2: Join the free FB group

Step 3: Take the 2-Week Challenge (coming soon)

The best way to get started is of course by taking the challenge.

It’s two weeks long and with a simple meal plan, a shopping list and directions you will be all set. The goal is not necessarily to make you loose weight (you may find you do, though!) but to take away some concerns and to give you an outline. It’s like a little 101-sessions

Intermediate Prepper

So you’ve dieted with mixed results? Tried different type of diets and you have a basic understanding of nutrition. You’ve cooked meals that support your diet but like to get in variety and make more sense of Macros.


What you still need is a system that puts all the things you already know into the right places, chop of the fluff and fill the gaps with last puzzle pieces.


I’d point you, too, to the free FB group. It’s an amazing community and I bet a few confusions can be cleared right there.

Next your ready for a little challenge! I know you are eager to get rolling.


The free 2-week-MP-Challange is a practical guide and will teach you how to prep meals for a week. It has a done-for-you meal plan which I show you how to adapt to your goal and needs.

And to get you on the right track we will do it twice.


Here’s the link to the challenge, there you find all the information in greater detail and how to sign up for free.

Taking on a challenge like that may feel like a lot to you at the moment, but reading words online will not make huge change and will not take you where you need to be.

Just imagine how great you will feel! Doing a challenge like that builds confidence and primes you for future success.

It makes anything that comes so much easier.

Seasoned Prepper

Awesome! So you know way around in the kitchen, how to navigate the grocery store to the healthy food and away from bad choices? You know how to setup a diet with Macros layed-out to the gram?

All yes?

Fantastic 👍 how can I help you then?

You may have specific questions that I can probably answer best directly.

If your question is not too private you may want to share that with the amazing people in the FB group.

Not only will you find others that may have encountered you problem. Even if not: The will all be happy to share some tips and give you a motivation boost!

There is plenty to learn for all of us.

So let me direct you to the group

You can also drop me a line via email or use the form below.


I’d say we get going right away: Check the Complete Meal Prep Guide. It’s a 4-part series to get you started with meal prep in logical manner. From your personal meal plan, to the tools and skills in the kitchen, to cooking the meal plan and finally: creating your custom diet.


The Blog contains all articles which live on this page. It’s ever growing and the topics range from diet, to meal prep, to gym-stuff, habits, guides, … you get the idea.


If you want to help LPM and especially others out there it would be really awesome if you would take the survey. It’s short and 100% anonymous! Just a couple question that help bring you quality content on topics that I might miss.


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