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Starting anything new is not always easy. Some things will feel like second nature and others require effort, practice and patience.

All the information out there can be super overwhelming, I know, but let me tell you a secret.

That’s normal!

The best way to learn is by soaking up the right information and taking action today.

Below I have put together a collection of articles and other resources that will get you on the right track – right away.

Basically, it’s the information I wish I had available when my journey began over a decade ago.

The Introduction to Nutrition and Dieting

Why I don’t track my food

Free Guide: Discover why tracking and counting food is a great thing, but also is so frustrating for many, many dieters. In the guide I share the simple techniques you can use to build a custom meal plan with your macros and foods all laid out for you. No special apps needed – the app you use right now will do perfectly.

Meal-Prep Benefits

Not sure if Meal-Prep is right for you? Let me change your mind!

FREE Guide

New to dieting? No Worries, got you covered: Read my Introduction to Dieting, Meal-Planning and Meal Prep.


Find the growing collection of articles, posts and guides all around meal-prep, meal-planning, dieting, habits motivation and more.

What can Meal-Prep do for You ?

Custom Macros, Custom Meal-Plan

Your very own, personalized diet. Designed with the foods you enjoy and the right quantities of Protein, Carbs and Fats so you can loose those pounds or pack them on – as muscle, of course!

But if you don’t enjoy the foods? How can you stick to a diet and let it work its magic?

(Not very much!)

But your personalized meal-plan can.

Build Good Habits

Consistency is king when it come to diet success.

Become the fit and healthy person and make it a long-term lifestyle change.

Building the habit of meal-prep ensures that your fridge and freezer are full of meals that support your goals.


Healthy Lifestyle

Cooking meals ahead doesn’t always have to be about loosing weight and being awesome in the gym or on the street.

Healthy eating means control over ingredients.

It’s about feeding your body with quality food, plenty of vitamins and minerals, boost the immune system and dealing with food-intolerance, allergies and diseases.

It’s about becoming, being and staying healthy.

Fuel Your Life And Workouts

Gain the energy to live the life as you want it.

Working out feels great and we want to support that!

Many who start working out by going to the gym or running report, that they intuitively changed the way they eat.

They also reduced the amount of times they ate out and made healthier choices in general.

The right macro-setup fuels and recovers the body for any new encounters.

Control over ingredients

It’s no secret that “easy” foods are of low quality and packed with sugars and trans-fats.

They are fun on occasion and I include them in all my diets. But your base should come from healthy, high(er) quality foods.

Fresh vegetables, nuts, meat, fish, quality oil and herbs are the core of any sensful diet.

They are packed with vitamins, minerals and help you body function in its best way possible –  you don’t get those treats from microwave lasagna!


With just basic cooking skills and a few simple tools that you allready own you can get started right away.


Over time you build confidence

Endless Recipe Ideas

Learn to create simples dishes and how to turn your favorites into their healthy variations that support your health and fitness goals.

Take any recipe you find online and make it fit your macros.

Safe Time and Money

Buy only what you really need and save your hard earned money.

Re-purpose foods and learn which foods (cooked and raw) stay fresh and tasty.

Buy in bulk to stock up your freezer and pantry.

The Bulletproof Shoppinglist

Put an end to the dreaded trips to the grocery stores.

With a shoppinglist filled with just the foods that you planned to eat you can be fast, confident and it’s fun, too.

No more wondering around and ending up in the ailses you want to avoid.

How does “One trip per week is all you need.” sound?


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"Meal-Planning & Meal-Prep Quick-Start Guide" - Learn Step-By-Step How To Write Your Own Meal Plans.

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