Become your own diet coach and Turn diet-Mess into diet-Success.

With step-by-step instructions that teach you how to create your personalized meal-plan, write a shopping list and meal-prep basics.

You'll learn:

How to Write A Meal-Plan

Discover the key component of any successful diet. And how to create your custom diet-plan.

The Bullet-Proof shopping list

Make weekly grocery shopping a breeze and the dreaded rides to the stores history. Badass food list included!

Meal-Prep basics

Build the powerful habit of cooking meals in advance – even with little ambition to become a head-chef.


Here at LPM you can learn how to:

  • Figure out your unique set of macros – and what they actually are.
  • Turn them into a custom meal plan, with your favorite foods – quantities all laid out.
  • Write a bullet-proof shopping list so you can fly through the grocery store with confidence.
  • Build the powerful habit of meal-prep to become super consistent with your diet.

I know that’s quite an agenda, so let’s start with the basics.

Download this FREE guide now. It will lead you through the steps of planning your meals, writing a weekly grocery list and teach you basic meal-prep techniques.


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