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I want to help and show you how meal prep can put you on the right path to your health and fitness goals.

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Why is Meal Prep a topic you might be interested in?

Let me guess…

    • You want your diet to be successful?
    • You want to save time and money?
    • You want to be healthy?
    • You want control over the ingredients of your meals?
    • You want to increase your “kitchen”-skills?
  • Or in other words…

What can Meal Prep do for you?

Custom Meal Plan:

Your very own, personalized diet. Designed with the foods you enjoy and the right quantities so you can loose those pounds or pack them on – as muscle, of course!

Consistency is king when it come to changes in body-composition. But if you don’t enjoy the foods? How can you stick to diet and let it work it’s magic? Not very much!

But YOUR plan can.

Safe Time and Money

Buy only what you realy need. This one alone safes your hard earned money. Repurpose the foods that still are in your fridge and freezer.

Healthy Lifestyle

Many who start working out by going to the gym or running report, that they intuitivly changed the way they eat and reduced the amount of times they ate out. Working out feels great and we want to support that. Fuel and recorver the body for new encouterns with what it needs.
Gain the energy to enjoy the time you spend with family and friends.

Control over ingredients

It’s not a secret that “easy” foods are of low quality and packed with sugar and transfats. They are fun on occasion and I totaly include them. But your base should come from healhty, high(er) quality foods. Fresh vegetables and meats are core and you don’t get those from microwave lasagne.


Pretty much every successful dieter and fitness-enthusiast has become quite a good cook. It goes hand-in-hand with this lifestyle. As you develope your personal taste and cooking style over time the whole game becomes less about the dieting and activites, but the foods you cook. More fun = less husstle.

This can all be done with the right amount of cooking in advanced aka: Meal Prep.

On this blog you will find a growing collection of articles, posts and guides all around that topic.


We will talk a lot about cooking & kitchen skills, nutrition.

But also about what you can do outside the kitchen – and inside your head.

Habits play a huge role for long-term successes and getting a few new and “correction” a few bad will go a long way.



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