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My name is Andreas and I help people turn their macros into a meal plan and build the powerful habit of meal-prep so they become super consistent with their diet.

Let me ask you this:

Do you …

  • … find counting calories/ macros frustrating because its hard to hit your goal numbers?

  • … feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting information about nutrition you find online?

  • … dread grocery shopping because you have no clue what to buy so you end up buying the foods you know you should avoid?
Andreas LPM

Whether you’ve dieted before, had mixed results, feel confused about nutrition or you’re complety new to eating with purpose aka dieting, I can help you.

On this website I share with you my 10+ years of experience in nutrition, weight lifting and meal prep.

The information here on LPM is basically the knowledge I wish I had when I started out.

Luckily for you I made all the mistakes, took bad diet advice and tried and tested all that overwhelming and conflicting information from the mess called the internet.

Really, I am happy for you that you’ve found your way to my humble homepage.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve gone through enough, tried, failed, tried some more, changed some things and evolved that I now have a very clear picture of how things roll.

My Goal with LPM

  • Get a realistic view on dieting
  • Make dieting effective and doable
  • Keep your social life intact
  • Teach the system(s) that get the results you desire

What I like to do is get a realistic view on dieting, make it effective and doable so you have more time and energy to live a fun life.

Keep a social life

You will see me mention burger, pizza, chicken wings, ice cream, pie, beer, other drinks and all the other tasty things. But also how to setup your diet, get your macros and create custom meal plans – while maintaining a social life!

I think when controlled it’s totally cool to have those fun meals. I would even go so far and say that the occasional junk will help you adhere to your diet. Don’t you think you would enjoy a diet more if you could still have fun meals with friends? If you would not feel like an outcast or worse: stop seeing your friends because you are dieting!?

Yes, I am nodding, too!

You will read this many, many times on this blog because it so important:

Adherence governs every aspect of dieting

Find YOUR winning system and do it for as long as you need to.

Keeping your social life intact will immensely help you to be consistent with your diet.

And with consicency comes success.

Imagine a diet that’s so strict – food wise and timing wise – that you can barely eat out with friends or enjoy family gatherings or even breakfast on the weekends.

Feeling like an outcast already?
It’s tough to push yourself and you’ll hate your diet quickly.

 That’s not a wining system.

Now envision yourself sitting with friend having coffee and a sweet little something – and you enjoy every bite and sip. Why? Because you’ve taken care of the most important meals, went to the gym and planned  spaces in your diet to actually go out and enjoy the time with your friends.

The question marks on your friends eyes will make the treat much more sweeter when you tell them that it’s actually planned and is part of your diet.

I guess you’re pretty sure that you can do this diet a lot longer, if not for ever, right?

That’s a winning system.

Here on LPM you can learn to build your own diet around your life and your goals.

Does it require work and change of old habits?

Yes, no on can expect a different outcome and not making a change.

Ready to make that life change and go on your last diet ever?

The Winning System

What I’ve found to work and what you can learn here on LPM is this:
  • Discover your Calories & Macros to support your health and fitness goals
  • Build a Meal Plan filled with meals you enjoy and are easy to cook
  • Write a Shopping List so you can fly through the grocery store
  • Use the powerful habit of Meal-Prep to become super consistent with your diet


If any of that sounds good to you, then you’re in the right place. Let me show you all that I’ve learned over the past 10+ years of meal-prep.

For a jump-start on your journey I highly recommend you grab a copy of my free guide.

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